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The Spine and nervous system are dependent on each other. With life's injuries, accidents and constant changes, the function of the spine is always impacted negatively. Not only does this cause tension, pain, stiffness and arthritis; but it also affects the nervous system. The nervous system controls all of the parts of your body, increasing the opportunity for diseases to occur. If the spine does not function well, the nerves will not function well. This can lead to many problems. The chiropractors at the Living Tree Center for Healing in North Royalton can help you attain overall wellness through a variety of techniques.

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Our chiropractors can help:

• Reduce neck, mid back, lower back, muscle and sciatic pain
• Stop progression of arthritis
• Improve the body's efficiency
• Improve immune function
• Improve digestion
• Improve mental clarity
• Improve sport and work performance
• Improve sleep
• Improve allergies and asthma
• Improve carpal tunnel
• Reduce headaches

If you suffer from back or neck pain, Contact the Living Tree Center for Healing and discover what our North Royalton chiropractors can do for you.

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