Acupuncture in North Royalton

Acupuncture has been around for about 5,000 years. It is based on the philosophy that the Qi (vital energy) flows through the body. The purpose of the Qi is to protect the body from illness and pain. Life's daily stresses can effect the flow of the Qi, and it will become blocked. Acupuncture has been used traditionally to prevent, diagnose and treat disease, as well as to improve general health. Our Acupuncture services in North Royalton, Ohio are noninvasive and relieve the blockage.

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There are many different types of Acupuncture that are used to help with many needs, such as:

• Back, Neck & Joint Pain
• Sciatic & Chronic Pain
Disc Herniation Related Pain
• Migraines & Headaches
• Carpal Tunnel syndrome
• Arthritis
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Insomnia
• Stress
• Allergies
• IBS & Digestive Issues
• High Blood Pressure
• Weight Loss
• Much more…

The most common type of acupuncture uses needles

• Very thin, only width of a hair
• Solid
• Not designed to cut the skin
• Painless

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