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I was 20 when the pain began. First it started as an ache in my left knee and became a constant searing pain. Soon walking became nearly impossible and crutches became my daily companion. In those three years of pain I went to specialist after specialist. At one point they thought I had cancer. Have you ever felt that no one can figure out how to help you and that our current system may not have all the answers?

How could a young healthy man go from being physically fit, running and playing hockey in college to becoming practically disabled in a few months? I was accepted and started medical school in just 9 months, how was I going to get to class if could barely walk? What kind of medical doctor will I be? My head was full of concerns and my future looked bleak.
Hope came when I was referred to the top orthopedic surgeon for the Edmonton Oilers. He must have the answer to the pain I was experiencing in my knee; if he treated NHL players surely he could figure this out. His office looked like a palace. The staff and nurses were so accommodating, I was sure I would find some relief from the pain and answers to my suffering. This guy fixed everyone, plus he was practically famous, he’s the doctor who treated Wayne Gretzky for heavens sake.
“Sorry, son” the doctor said, “I can’t help you. The biopsy on the bump on your leg is negative for cancer, the MRI is normal. There’s nothing wrong with your knee, and I don’t know why you’re in PAIN.” What? My mind raced! Medicine can fix anything, that’s why I wanted to go to medical school to help people heal and get their lives back... What about my life I thought? Confused and depressed, my future was lost, everything was so unclear, all that was certain was pain had consumed me. I had just turned 21.

“Hello Mr.Brayer, Dr.Jones is ready to see you.” The receptionist’s voice pulled me out of deep thought. another doctor, a Chiropractor, “will he have the answer?” I wondered. This will be my 12th in 3 years. They’ve all said the same thing, I got up to leave and the doctor entered...

“So you broke your leg 3 years ago?” the doctor asked. Yes, but that was my right leg I wasn’t sure why that mattered it’s my left that has been in chronic pain. “Hmmm, he said... let’s take a look.” He took some x-rays of my spine and pelvis, that seemed strange since the pain was in my knee, I thought.

“I believe we may have found the cause of your pain,” the doctor said. As we looked at the x-ray of my pelvis he pointed to my hips. “Do you see the difference between the two, he asked? I believe the fracture of your right leg caused the slowing of the growth plate of the right. Your right leg is 1 inch shorter than your left” he continued, “that makes the left leg longer causing inappropriate stress on the hip and the knee, that bony mass in my opinion is essentially a callus from the extra work on that side of your leg. I expect you will start to feel better in the next few weeks as we work on correcting the imbalance and the leg length problem.” It sounded too good to be true. doctors with more letters behind their name than the alphabet couldn’t help me. How could something so simple cause me so much pain and suffering.

In 2 weeks I was considerably better and in 6 weeks I was pain free. Three years of suffering gone in less than a month and a half, no surgery, no drugs. Restoring my body back to what it was prior to my leg injury. Dr.Jones released me to maintenance care and when I left he told me something powerful that did not fully make sense to me until much later. He knew my plan was to become a medical doctor, and here is what he said: “Nigel, no matter how many letters you get behind your name, remember the body heals itself, if you give it what it needs, your goal as a doctor of any type is to remove the barriers to healing, the rest happens magically by the body... Please don’t forget that.”

At that point it seemed to me that there was a large piece missing in healthcare. I then decided to dedicate my professional life to fill that missing piece. It was then that I decided to pursue my medical degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Having spent the last 20 plus years studying and helping people of all ages, it is my mission and the mission of LIVING TREE CENTER FOR HEALING to focus on enhancing and restoring the body through natural means. In the words of my mentor: “Give the body what it needs and it will respond... no exceptions.”

At our office we do this by physically improving the function of the spine, muscles, ligaments and joints. Nutritionally, by helping people resolve and balance their body chemistry. Mentally, by offering services that bring peace and comfort. Spiritually, by trusting that by fulfilling our purpose we are improving our community, our city and our world. It is our honor to serve you and your family.

Dr.Nigel, DC, PH.C, FIAMA, Dipolmate Acu.

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