Attaining Weight Loss For Life

Weight Loss For Life...? What Are You Waiting For...?


A Cleveland area weight loss program designed for you. Dr. Nigel Brayer and Dr. Harish Rai can help you attain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you're looking to lose weight or need advice on how to maintain a healthy weight, our weight loss programs can help you meet your wellness goals. Our wellness center is conveniently located in North Royalton, Ohio. Call 440.877.9440 to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

  • Do you have difficulty keeping a healthy weight?
  • Do you find your mood swings sporadically?
  • Are you finding your energy is declining as you age?
  • Do you notice you aren't living the life you really want to live?
  • Are you happy with the relationships in your life?

Few people realize true happiness. The ability to lose and keep off weight, the ability to achieve health, wealth and happiness are all related.

Our Cleveland area weight loss programs teach you how to achieve the life you desire. Through nutritional training, life evaluation and habit replacement, you can have the life and body you desire.  

Learn more by calling 440.877.9440  or to schedule an appointment.

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