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Excuse Me Ladies! By Chance Do You Pee Your Pants?

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Excuse Me Ladies! Is This Program For You?

• Are You Or Have You Suffered From Urinary Incontinence? 
• Has Your Bladder Betrayed You After Childbirth?
• Looking To Improve Your Bladder Function?
• Having Those Little Pee Leaks?
• Tired Of Wearing Pads?

Its Your Life...Reclaim Your Confidence!

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Recent Testimonials

Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "The best service & the best treatment by Dr. Nigel, Dr. Rai and all the staff! Thank you all!"
    Maria M.
  • ""I have been a client of Dr. Nigel at Living Tree for many years. His chiropractic care, combined with his recommended exercises and supplement support, has enabled me to recover from injuries and health issues in a more natural, long-term manner. This helps me to continue doing the physical activities I love, maintain a healthy weight, and have more pain-free days. Thank you for keeping me moving, Dr. Nigel!""
    Jodi S. Parma
  • ""Treated just like family. Friendly staff. Excellent knowledgeable attentive caring Doctor(s). Tremendous help in managing and mitigating my chronic back pain arthritis through Chiropractor adjustments, acupuncture, stretching exercises, walking, and body strengthening of back, core, legs, and other body parts. Great tips too for everyday physical activities such as yard work. Highly recommend.""
    Gary C
  • ""Seriously I love these guys. Nicole is the most amazing human ever lol. Very sweet, very kind. The staff are so sweet. Dr. Nigel is amazing, definitely knows what he's doing. Soon as you walk in, it's so welcoming and stress free. You feel instantly relaxed. I'm so glad I've found this place, you guys have a forever customer!!""
    Chanel F.
  • ""I've been a patient of Dr. Nigel Brayer's for over 15 years and he is a life saver. He cares about his patients and his goal is to help people feel better - I have referred several people to him (including my mother) and they are all so satisfied with his care. The front desk personnel are wonderful - very nice and considerate. It really is a pleasure to go into Living Tree.""
    Lisa B.
  • ""Dr Nigel is hands down the best at what he does! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The staff are awesome as well and work with you to make the schedule/ appointments work for you!""
    Karyn K.
  • ""I am very happy with the chiropractic care I receive at Living Tree. I benefit from their knowledge and care and look forward to trying acupuncture services.""
    Annette B.
  • ""Have done a few sessions but definitely see improvement. Doctor is very compassionate and caring. Highly recommend.""
  • ""I have been going to Living Tree/Dr. Nigel for 10+ years. My realignments and periodic adjustments are always what my body needed. Sitting/standing all day at a computer is so bad but I don’t have much choice. I feel much better after my visits. My injuries from bike falls and other accidents have healed better with Dr.Nigel’s special care. My range of motion has improved. My son skateboards and snowboards and comes in for adjustments/realignment when he gets out of whack. Highly recommend.""
  • ""Dr. Brayer is great and very thorough. I came to him with hip issues, arthritis, and range of motion, as well as dealing with a curve in my spine and lumbar area. Through his care he has straightened me out and greatly improved my range of motion. He has also greatly helped to relieve the pain in my hips. Now my pain is less intense and I bounce back much quicker. He is a great and very personable Chiro. and I would recommend him. All of the staff at Living Tree are very welcoming and make me and my family feel at ease when we come in for our appointments.""
  • ""Dr. Nigel and his staff continue to amaze me with their thorough, consistent, compassionate care! I currently work in a chiropractic clinic and needed a back up for when my chiropractor traveled. A year and a half later and I am still consistently seeing Dr. Nigel! His compassion, patience, knowledge, and consistency keep me coming back for more! Dr. Nigel has helped me get through so much pain. I love that his office offers acupuncture as well as physical therapy exercises when needed. I leave there often with “homework”. Dr. Nigel has a great understanding of nutrition, hormones, supplements, and he’s a phenomenal Acupuncturist! I love that I can purchase Standard Process products from the office as well as several other brands. If you are looking for thorough care, this is the place and the doctor for you! I am beyond pleased with my care at Living Tree and will continue to return again and again!! Thank you Dr. Nigel and staff; YOU ROCK!!!""
  • ""Dr Nigel is a caring Dr. Who listens to you and addresses the problem, and try’s to help solve it. I have been a patient for over 4 years and highly recommend Living Tree Center for Healing.""
  • ""I’ve been a patient at Living Tree for years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The staff is friendly and professional and Dr. Nigel Brayer is knowledgeable and truly one of the best. When I started with him I was having serious back issues and I was in a considerable amount of pain. I had had numerous injections in my back but the pain relief was minimal and always temporary. My ortho at the time said that surgery was my only other option. I went as far as to get a second opinion and I was told the same thing. A good friend of mine recommended that I get an evaluation from Living Tree. Shortly after, I began a treatment plan with Dr. Nigel and after just a couple of months I started seeing a significant decrease in back pain and an increase in my mobility. I’m now able to do things that I couldn’t do years ago. I’m so thankful that there actually was another option outside of surgery. I highly recommend Living Tree Center for Healing.""
    Beth - Feb 2022
  • ""I look forward to my awesome sessions once a week . This has been a life changing experience for me. Love this place and the
    wonderful staff. They are awesome!"
    Harvey - Jan 2022
  • ""I have been going to LTCFH for over 8 years. The front desk staff is always warm, friendly, helpful and down to earth. It’s like coming home! It is so hard now to find someone who is as dedicated, caring, knowledgeable and takes quality time with patients. If you haven’t gone just try it! You won’t regret it!""
  • ""Dr. Nigel is great! He has a great way of making everyone feel comfortable with the whole process.""
    Paul - Jan 2022
  • ""Love Living Tree Center for Healing... Dr. Nigel has saved my back for almost 9 years. I started going in my mid-twenties and I can honestly say that regular chiropractic adjustments have helped me maintain good posture and a healthy body. The staff and team are very accommodating, personable and friendly. They are always in your best interest and care about your well-being more than anything else. This place operates out of your best interest and will do anything to make that right so you realize how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle!""
  • ""The doctors and staff here are kind, knowledgeable, and caring about your well-being and return to a healthy state. They fully understand the road to better health and thoroughly explain the process.""
    Jerry - Jan 2022

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