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Meet The Staff

Meet the Staff

From Left to Right

Brett, Laurel, Kathy, Angela, Jessie, Tracie, Catherine

Dr. Rai, Dr. Nigel

 Meet Jessica, or Jessie as everyone at Living Tree calls her! We asked  her: Why do you love working at Living Tree?

 " I enjoy working at Living Tree because I like to help people and it  brings me pure joy when I get to help someone in need. I also enjoy  working with the staff at Living Tree, they are a lot of fun and truly care  about people that are in need of help. Working with the patients on a  daily basis is fun and I enjoy the interactions and stories!"

 Meet Catherine! She loves working at Living Tree because-

 "I have a great team here at Living Tree! We encourage each other to live  happy, healthy lives! 

 I also love being a part of our patients' journey to wellness. Investing in  yourself is so important. When we each take the time to focus on healing our  body, mind + spirit, we become happier - and it shows; the energy then grows  around us! I hope our patients feel it, whenever they are here! "

 Meet Tracie! She loves working at Living Tree:

"I am the Billing Coordinator at Living Tree Center for Healing. My mission at Living Tree is to educate the patients about their accounts and make sure all accounts are current and up to date. I always bring my positive attitude and a big smile every day.!"

 Meet Angela!- She loves Living Tree because-

"My purpose is to make every patient coming into our office feel comfortable and confident that they are receiving the best care. I will do my best to help them stay on track with each of their individualized treatment plans so they can reach their ultimate goal of being pain free!"

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